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Adalyat Bakiyeva is a member of Yolo House and the former loveteam of Rendi Popping. She is one of the groups original members ever since they debuted on 2020.

Early Life

She was born in Kazakhstan, she has two older brothers.

TikTok Info

She joined TikTok on 2020 and usually posts comedies, skits or dances. When she gained enough followers she was recruited by Yolo House and joined them. Fast forward a year later, she and Rendi Popping became very close and some of their followers even shipped them, they were called either Adaren/Renditta. But ever since December 2021, the two have not made a video together and Adele has started making videos with fellow Yolo House member Raides, and this made fans suspect their relationship.


  • Rendi Popping - Best Friend/Shipped (former)
  • Adaliatta's Mom - Mom
  • Adaliatta's Brother - Older Brother
  • Homm9k - Best Friends
  • Raides - Friends/Shipped (currently)


  • Dancing - like other members of the Yolo House, Adele is a skilled and experienced dancer,
  • Singing - Adele is one of the fiew members in Yolo House that can sing, she is also currently the only member to have 2 songs.